by Victory Verdun

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Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith Such an awesome ep, Rockford never lets me down when it comes to heartfelt, catchy indiemo music. Favorite track: The Midwest Will Swallow Your Soul.
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released October 11, 2013



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Victory Verdun Rockford, Illinois

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Track Name: Soil
I just want to belong
to someone
I just want to belong
to someone

I don't deserve
I don't deserve
I don't deserve anyone at all
so I'll build my walls
I'll build them strong and tall
If that means I'm dying alone
then I'll make the soil my home
Track Name: The Midwest Will Swallow Your Soul
A crowded room
masked donned
I wish to see through
see to the real you

social stratification
I don't think I fit in here
a so called gathering of friends
we'll get lost in our beer

what kills me
the feeling
that I lack
Purpose or meaning

bottles up
to salute our failures
our past mistakes
settling wagers

forget about what we're too weak
to face
and I feel so pathetic
in this lonely place

time passes by in these midwestern tragedies
I'm just a boy trying to break from my apathy
and I swear this is my last resort
to find some home for my heart
Track Name: Clarification
This time I swear
I'm giving up for real
just like last time
it's the same feel

this is so cliche
believe me i know
but it's what I've learned
this is how life goes

and you're clearly not healthy for me
but it's so close
and I'm compromising my safety
you're too close

honestly what do I say to that
you just remind me of all i once had

so I'll choke
never swallow
all my pride
I always end up hollow

let the smoke fill my lungs
take it in take it all in

these next two weeks better make me a better man
these next two weeks better give me a new life plan
Track Name: The Whether In July
I never liked your hair blond
but my opinion is irrelevant
dissolve our bond
do what you can to distant

It's funny what you can achieve
the peace found in moon lit grass
something you can't perceive
without you what would I have

done through all the struggles
though you sure seemed to add your share
of extricating mental troubles
as i quietly examine the mare

the whether in July is taking it's toll
it's not summer heat that's tearing my soul
Track Name: Smoke
I think that you're that reason I smoke now
the gin won't answer how
many times I give the bottle attention
all I get is empty glass
misguided intention

I wish I could say
my smile's not fake
that it's not perfectly crafted and shaped
to convince you all that I'm really okay

I'm wore out
I'm tired
I don't sleep enough
I know some people have got it rough

what did I ever do to you

no high can pull me up
no low can drag me down
maybe I've lost my touch
with everyone around